You embrace me mottled, I leave you shimmering like watered silk; I embrace you as a network, you leave me as a bundle. We caress each other along our contour lines, we leave each other with various knots, in embraces that have changed shape.

If you want to save your soul, do not hesitate, here and now, to entrust it to the variable storm. An inconstant aurora borealis bursts forth in the night. It spreads, blazing or bleeding, like those footlights that never stop blinking, whether they are switched on or off. It either passes or it doesn’t, but flows elsewhere in a rainbow-coloured stream. You will not change if you do not yield to these inconstancies and deviations. More importantly, you will not know.

Michel Serres  The Five Senses - A Philosophy of Mingled Bodies

A philosophical book I am reading for my thesis that deals with the Cartesian concept of the soul in a way that will, frankly, make you sit up and pay attention. :-)

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